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This post is all about cute doormats.

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Whether you’re living in an apartment or a house, a doormat is what makes your guests’ first impression. Here are some super cute doormats that will make your home a welcoming and exciting place to be.

Whether you’re moving into your first apartment, first home, or just looking for a bit of a refresh, you need a cute doormat that will make you feel welcomed and at peace every time you return from a long day.

I scoured the internet for the best doormats out there, and I’m so excited to share these with you!! 

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Adding a doormat to your front door is one of the easiest ways to elevate your space. It’s a simple and affordable way to add a welcoming vibe to any guests that come to your home (and yourself!).

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Cute Doormats Under $25

Black “Hello” Doormat

If you’re into darker neutral decor, this black “hello” doormat is so cute. You can buy it in different sizes, depending on how much space you have.

This doormat is so classy and would be perfect on its own or paired with some other decor like plants or a wreath!

“So Happy You’re Here” Doormat

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE doormats with cute and welcoming quotes. This one that says “so happy you’re here” is super simple, affordable, and would match up with a variety of decor styles!

Cute Shoes, Take Them Off Doormat

If you have a “no shoes in the house rule,” this is a fun and cheeky way to tell your guests to please take their shoes off. It’s a classy doormat with a purpose!

“Live Laugh Leave” Funny Doormat

This doormat is perfect for any introvert. This listing from Amazon has GREAT ratings and tons of different options of quotes that all have to do with joking about not wanting people to stay over too late or come unannounced.

There are several reviewers who have said that their guests giggle when they see it, so if you want to give your guests a laugh, this doormat is for you!

Corgi Dog Doormat

Whether you have a corgi or just think this doormat is super cute, it’s a great option for outside your front door.

You can keep this year-round or use it in the summer and then swap it out seasonally if you love having your home on-theme for each season!

Non-Slip Neutral Doormat

If you’re not really into funny doormats or quotes, get a plain doormat like this! It comes in several different colors so whether you want something neutral or colorful, you’ll be able to find something that fits your decor preferences.

Semi Circle Doormat

This is a great barnyard-style doormat that will make the front of your house look just a little extra unique. You can layer this on top of another bigger doormat or just use it as a standalone.

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Floral Home Doormat

This is one of the most unique doormat ideas I’ve seen! The floral design in the word “HOME” makes it eye-catching and super pretty. If you’re looking for something unique but still affordable, this cute doormat is the way to go!

Go Away Doormat

Here’s another funny front doormat, with the “Go Away” saying. I also love the black border around this one, giving it just a little extra detail that elevates the design and will make your entryway look more put-together.

Lemon Design Doormat

This is one of my favorite cute doormats I’ve found. I feel like lemons make everyone happy because they’re so bright and summery. So, this is a great doormat if you want to make your guests feel immediately joyful and bright!

Cute Cat Doormat

If you’re a cat lover, this front doormat was made for you! My friend LOVES cats and I told her she has to get this because there are so many good reviews from cat-lovers saying it always makes them smile when they get home.

Pineapple Welcome Mat

Pineapples are another one of those things that pretty much everyone loves. I love this pineapple design because it’s still neutral, so it’ll be nice and versatile for whatever colors the rest of your decor is.

Basket Weave Jute Doormat

Woven jute doormats are perfect for anyone who likes earthy or boho decor. If you’ve got a lot of natural materials or boho decorations in your apartment or home, this is one of the best affordable doormats for you!

Cute Doormats Over $25:

Hello Bold Doormat

Here’s another simple doormat that you can either keep on its own or layer up with another mat underneath. Either way, this will elevate your space and give it a modern vibe.

“S’up, I’m Mat” Cheeky Doormat

If you’re a fan of cheeky doormats, this one is perfect for you. I know several people in my personal life who would totally get a kick out of this!!

Custom Family Name Doormat

If you want to buy a doormat that represents your family, this custom doormat from Etsy is a great option! The fonts of these custom doormats are so pretty and you can order it in different sizes, depending on how much space you have at your doorway.

Cursive Family Doormat

Here’s another custom family name doormat with different font options. I’ve seen similar doormats like this in real life and they always look so cute and classy!

Ciao Doormat

This “Ciao” doormat from Anthropologie is SO cute. I love the colorful border and the bold letters. With the red and green coloring, you could use this as a Christmas doormat but it also works year-round!

Lovers Knot Doormat

This knotted doormat just looks SO elegant, it might be my favorite option so far. This is perfect if you want a neutral doormat that makes a statement.

Seasonal Greetings Doormat

This “Hello” floral doormat from Anthropologie is SO pretty! This would be perfect for the spring or summer if you’re the type of person who likes decorating by season.

Neutral Leighton Doormat

Texture can be amazing for decorating and this doormat is great because it’s got lots of texture and pattern while still being neutral so you can pair it with whatever other decor you have.

Custom Dog Doormat

This is actually the doormat I have! I customized it with my dog (just one dog) and it’s so adorable. It always makes our guests smile and honestly, my dog runs my home so it’s kind of true!

Wipe Your Paws Doormat

This “Wipe Your Paws” doormat is a great way to tell your guests to wipe their shoes clean before coming in, while making them giggle a little. Plus, if you have dogs, this is one of the cutest doormats.

Flower Shop Doormat

If you like artsier decor, this flower shop doormat is amazing! It’s so pretty and unique, so it’s definitely something your guests won’t forget.

Meowdy Doormat

Cowboys and cats… Two of the best things, so why not blend them together?! This “Meowdy” doormat is so cute and hilarious!

Monogram Letter Doormat

Instead of getting your full family name on a doormat, why not just get a classy monogrammed doormat? This is so beautiful and is great if you’re going for a modern or even vintage decor vibe.

No Weenies Allowed Doormat

This is such a fun doormat with a cartoonish vibe! If you want something simple, memorable, and funny, this is a great doormat for your space!

Record Doormat

If you’re a big music lover and love a vintage vibe, you’ll love this personalized record doormat! I’m sure you won’t know anyone else who has this, so it’s a great option!

I hope you found some cute doormats that fit your aesthetic preferences perfectly! I included a wide variety on this post so that you could find just the thing you need to elevate your front doorway space.

This post was all about cute doormats.


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