The Best Home Office Desks For a Beautiful Working Space

This post is all about home office desks.

home office desks

Whether you’re studying, running a business, or doing a work-from-home job, having a beautiful home office space is key to your productivity and success!

The type of desk you get makes all the difference, so I’ve compiled a list of the BEST home office desks for the most beautiful working space!

Whether you’re on a budget or want to splurge on a really nice desk, I’m sure you’ll be able to find something on this list that matches your vibe.

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I’m a firm believer that you can have a really nice home office on a budget, but your desk is arguably the most important piece.

It’s easy to build up your style with other types of decor and accessories, but your desk will likely be the focal point of your home office.

Here’s a list of some of my fave desk ideas I’ve found online!

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Desks Under $100

Wooden and Metal Desk

I love the simplicity and versatility of this desk.

I’m sure it would match well with lots of different types of decor, so if you want something simple that you can make your own, this desk from Target is a great idea!

White Retro Desk

I’m obsessed with the way that this white desk bridges modern and retro together. It’s so pretty and elegant!

White Desk With Storage

If you love the desk above but you’re worried about having enough storage space, this desk is another great option.

It’s got built-in cubbies underneath the surface so you can store your office supplies and notebooks, or even your keyboard and laptop when you’re not working.

This will help keep your desk feel clean and minimalistic without excess clutter.

Black Desk

I love the sleek design of this black desk. If you’re going for a simple modern look, this is perfect.

I can imagine walking into your home office space with this desk and feeling clear-headed to start the day because it’s such a clean looking space.

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Desks Under $200

Finding desks under $200 that you love can be surprisingly hard, but I’m pretty convinced you’ll find something on this list that will fit your home office space and your aesthetic perfectly!

Computer Desk With Drawers

This desk from Target is the definition of having something compact that fits a small home office, while still having lots of storage space.

If you find that you end up with clutter on your desk frequently, it’s helpful to have a couple drawers built in to keep you organized!

Glass Desktop Modern Desk

Okay, I am OBSESSED with this glass desktop.

It looks so clean, elegant, and modern. If that’s your style, this is one of the best home office desks for you!

Plus, I love that it still has extra storage space beneath the surface.

Glass Computer Desk

If you want to take the glass aesthetic to the next level, this glass computer desk is perfect!

You could easily add decor like plants, candles, or books on the built-in shelves.

Or use them to help with your desk organization!

Wooden Desk With Drawers

This wooden desk is classic. I don’t think desks like this will ever go out of style, because you can decorate them however you like while still having a nice neutral, versatile focal point of your home office.

Wooden Boho Desk

If you’re into the earthy or boho aesthetic, this desk from Target is PERFECT!

I could see this desk paired perfectly with some nice plants and a hanging macrame.

Modern White Desk

Sometimes simple and neutral is your best bet. I love this modern white desk, which looks sturdy and has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon!!

Large Wooden White Desk

The contrast of the wooden top against the white base gives this desk character and depth that will make your space feel more full and expensive.

Who wouldn’t want that?!

Rustic Wooden Desk

This rustic wooden desk from Walmart is a great blend between a rustic and modern aesthetic.

The cubbies on the sides provide extra storage space, which is super convenient if you want to minimize clutter on the surface of your desk!

Double White Desk

If you’ve got enough space for this double desk, this is one of the best home office desks for people sharing a home office with a partner or roommate.

Or, if you simply need extra storage space, you can use the second half of this desk to add shelves and organizers that will help you keep your space in order!

Wooden Desk With Storage

I love the simplicity of this wooden and white desk with the convenience of having several drawers for storage.

There are so many ways you could organize these drawers that would be perfect for keeping a small home office clean.

Adjustable Standing Desk

Adjustable standing desks are hugely popular right now, and for good reason.

If you hate sitting tucked away behind a desk all day, you can spend some time standing if you have this adjustable desk!

Or, take it up a notch and buy a desk walking pad to keep you moving throughout your work day.

White & Gold Corner Desk

There’s something about corner desks that are just so satisfying.

I love how this white and gold corner desk has drawers built into one side and shelves built into the other.

This will give you the perfect opportunity to balance decor and organization opportunities.

Unique Wooden Legs

This mid century modern desk has the unique mid century style legs with a modern, geometric top.

The space underneath the surface of the desk is great for storing small things like pens, notebooks, or your planner.

This white desk is one of the best home office desks for small apartments!

Large Modern Desk

If you’re looking for a dark, modern desk, this might be the one for you!

I love the uniqueness of the slanted legs paired with the classiness of the wooden top.

White & Gold Desk With Drawers

This white and gold desk looks so elegant!

I can’t believe how affordable it is considering that it will elevate your space and make it look more expensive with the detailing on the drawers.

Large Wooden Office Desk

Sometimes, a solid wood desk is exactly what you need because these are some of the most versatile home office desks.

Whether you’re going for neutral, modern, boho, or rustic decor, this desk makes a great statement furniture piece for any of those vibes.

Wooden Computer Desk

This desk has a wooden top and metal frame with steel legs, making it a super sturdy desk if you’re looking for something affordable that will remain durable for a long time to come. This desk has great reviews on Amazon!

Desks Over $200

If you’re looking to splurge on a really great home office desk, I’ve got you covered there, too! Here are a few desks over $200 that I think you’ll love.

Unique Mid-Century Glass Desk

This is one of the most unique desks I’ve seen, so it makes sense why it’s a little more expensive.

Being from Target, it’s still a really good price for what you’re getting!

But I absolutely love the shape of this desk along with the mixing of materials – glass, wood, and metal!

Large L-Shaped Modern Wooden Desk

If you’re looking for a large desk with lots of storage, this large L shaped desk is exactly what you need.

I love how elegant it looks while still providing tons of storage space.

Modern Wooden Desk

This modern wooden desk looks clean, bright, and sturdy, which is really all you could want in a desk!

Unique Boho Desk

I don’t know what it is about boho desks, but I’m obsessed.

This desk takes boho to the next level with the rounded sides and the shelf under the surface, making it both convenient and super aesthetically pleasing!

WyndenHall Wooden Desk

If you want a small wooden desk that still has some storage space, this one fits the description, and it’s so sleek!

Expandable Dresser Desk

This is a desk and a dresser in one, which is perfect if you’re looking to have some home office space in your bedroom but don’t want to take up too much extra space!

Mid Century Wooden Desk

I love mid-century desks like this. You can spice this up by adding colorful decor around it, or keep it neutral and sleek!

Light Wooden Desk With Drawer

Between the leg shapes and the light wood, this desk is so unique.

If you want your desk to be a statement piece that grounds your home office space, this desk would make a beautiful statement.

Expandable Storage Desk

The fact that this desk has so much storage space means it earns extra points for me.

Finding storage space can be one of the most difficult things when you’re looking for home office desks, but this one perfectly masters the aesthetics with the convenience of the drawers.

I hope you found home office desks on this list that you really love!

It can be overwhelming figuring out where to start when it comes to furnishing your space, but my goal is always to make it easier for you!

This post was all about home office desks.


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