35 INSANELY NICE Christmas Gifts For Women in Their 20’s!

Christmas Gifts For Women in Their 20's

This blog post is all about the best Christmas gifts for women in their 20’s!

If you are looking for unique, thoughtful, and practical Christmas gifts for 20 years old, I highly recommend to keep reading!

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Christmas gifts for women in their 20's


Soft Bathrobe

Our first Christmas gift for women in their 20’s, is a soft bathrobe! 

If you want to spoil that women in your life, and give her a nice gift she will use and enjoy, this soft bathrobe from Amazon is a great option to consider.

soft white bathrobe for women

NYX Matte Lip Cream Set

Totally honest here, the NYX Matte Lip Creams are MY FAVORITE liquid lipsticks EVER.

They are very soft to apply, long lasting, and I LOVE the colors!

If she’s a makeup lover, or just wears makeup on a daily basis without being obsessed with makeup, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the NYX Matte Lip Cream Set!

NYX matte lip cream set

NYX Butter Lip Gloss Trio Kit

I told you about my favorite liquid lipsticks, so here are my favorite lip glosses!

I LOVE the NYX butter lip glosses! They are soft, easy to apply, creamy, and they are pretty long-lasting as well!

The NYX Butter Lip Gloss Trio Kit is an affordable Christmas gift you can give, and it also works as a great stocking stuffer as well!

NYX Professional Makeup Butter Lip Gloss Trio Kit

Yoga Mat

If she’s a yoga lover, or likes working out, this beautiful yoga mat from Target is a great practical gift you can be sure she will use a lot!

yoga mat

Victoria Vintage Portable Record Player

A very creative and fun Christmas gift idea, is this beautiful vintage portable record player!

If you are looking for a more unique gift, and something you are sure she is going to enjoy, the Victoria Vintage Portable Record Player will be a great gift!

Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Portable Suitcase Record Player with Built-in Speakers

The Curated Closet Book

Books are always an appreciated gift! If you are looking for a fun book for her, The Curated Closet book is a great option!

This book basically teaches you how to discover your own personal style and helps you build your own dream wardrobe!

If she’s a fashion lover, or into dressing nicer, she will definitely enjoy discovering her own style and this book.

The Curated Closet Book

Comfy Satin Pajamas Set

If there’s another gift you can never not enjoy, is a comfy pajamas set!

I have this beautiful satin pajamas set from Boohoo and I’M OBSSESED!

Satin PJ Short Set

Are You There God? It’s Me, Margarita: Cocktails Recipes Book

If she’s into cocktails, upgrade her drinks and get her this fun cocktails recipes book!

Are You There God? It's Me, Margarita: More Cocktails with a Literary Twist

Pretty Pots & Pans Set

If she lives on her own, you can spoil her with this beautiful pots & pans set from Amazon!

This is a beautiful 5 pieces ceramic pots & pans set. The cookware are very high quality, and this set also comes in mint blue (if she doesn’t like pink).

5pc ceramic nonstick pink pots and pans set

Michael Kors Wristlet

Another practical and lovely Christmas gift idea for her is the Michael Kors Wristlet!

Spoil her with a nice Michael Kors wristlet she can use as her every day wallet! It’s a small wallet that fits in EVERY BAG!

Michael Kors Wristlet

Maybelline Makeup Set

I LOVE Maybelline and I think this Maybelline makeup set is a great Christmas gift for any woman!

This makeup gift set comes with a lip balm, face primer, lipstick, mascara, makeup remover, and hand cream!

Maybelline makeup set

Marc Jacobs Daisy Fragrance Set

I LOVE the Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance set! I got it for my birthday last year from my aunt and I’ve been loving it ever since!

This Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance set comes with the perfume, a shower gel, and body lotion!

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh for Women 3 PC Set

Makeup Mirror Beauty Skin Analyzer

This is one of the coolest Christmas gifts for women in their 20’s! (or women in any age).

The Makeup Mirror Beauty Skin Analyzer assesses your skin for wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, dark spots, red spots, and pores.

Once the makeup mirror analyzes your skin, you can build a skincare routine based on your results to achieve your skincare goals!

This makeup mirror has so many features, and I highly recommend reading more about it on Amazon!


HiMirror Mini Premium X 64GB Beauty Skin Analyzer

Magic Bullet Blender

If she’s a smoothie lover, make the smoothie-making process much easier with the Magic Bullet Blender!

This is a great affordable blender from Target she can use daily to make smoothies, smoothie bowls, or anything else!

Magic Bullet Personal Blender

2021-2022 Manifesting Planner

I recently got the Law of Attraction Planner, and I’VE BEEN LOVING IT!

This manifesting planner is the best planner I’ve ever got! 

It has a 16-month productivity planner, it has an hourly planner, a work planner, and this planner just guides you through your goals and helps you manifest your life and reach your goals!


Law of Attraction Planner 2021-2022 Weekly and Monthly

Personalized Tumblr 

I also love this personalized tumblr from Etsy! It is so cute and nice, and I always recommend getting a personalized gift for Christmas since it feels more personal and thoughtful.

This personalized tumblr is an awesome and practical gift that woman in your life would definitely enjoy in her everyday life!

Personalized Tumbler with Straw

Small Coffee Maker

If she lives on her own, and also loves coffee, this cute Keurig coffee maker will be a great practical gift for her!

This cute coffee maker comes in a few different colors – pink, black, turquoise, gray, and red.

It’s small, so it’s perfect for any kitchen, and every apartment.


PINK Keurig coffee maker

Personalized Wooden Recipe Book Binder

If she’s a cooking lover, I can guarantee you she is going to LOVE this personalized wooden recipe book binder!

This recipe book binder is a super unique Christmas gift to give, that any cooking lover would LOVE to receive and organize their recipes inside!

Personalized Wooden Recipe Book Binder Custom

Nice Black Purse

This Kate Spade black purse is the ultimate high-quality little black purse you’ll want in your closet!

A black purse is always a must in any woman’s closet, so if you want to spoil her, you can get her this beautiful black purse!

Kate Spade black purse

Wireless Earbuds

I can’t think of a more practical gift! These awesome Jabra wireless earbuds are one of the most comfortable earbuds I got to try, and their sound is great too!

So in my opinion, high quality wireless earbuds are a great Christmas gift for almost anyone in your life.

Bluetooth wireless earbuds

HP Sprocket Portable Printer

I think the HP sprocket portable printer is one of the most practical gifts ever! 

Basically, you can print pictures from your phone, which is so nice and cool!

HP sprocket portable

Function of Beauty Custom Shampoo & Conditioner

If you are looking for a unique, personalized, and practical Christmas gift – the Function of Beauty custom Shampoo & Conditioner is the perfect gift for you!

Basically, the Function of Beauty set comes with a customizable shampoo & conditioner that is 100% customizable and matches your own hair!

Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner

Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera

Another super unique and practical Christmas gift for women in their 20’s, is the Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera!

This Instax mini camera is the perfect camera to carry with you on fun events, trips, and anywhere you go that you want to catch some memories and print them immediately! 

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

I promise you, this essential oil diffuser bracelet is one of the coolest Christmas gifts EVER!

Basically, the essential oil diffuser bracelets comes with 12 colors of high quality reusable cotton, which you can use to replace the different pads with different scents of essential oils.

The point of this bracelet, is that it is basically an essential oil diffuser, so you can wear it and smell amazing all day!

essentials oil diffuser bracelet

Reusable Stainless Straws 

If she loves drinking smoothies, or anything else with straws, help her become eco-friendly and get her these reusable stainless straws from Target!

This is a great bonus gift, and also an awesome stocking suffer for her.

Ello 4pk Stainless Straws with Silicone Tips

Amazon Echo Dot

If you don’t know what is the Amazon Echo Dot, and you are not familiar with Alexa, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!

Anyways, the Amazon Echo Dot is one of the best and most practical Christmas gifts for women!

The woman in your life can use it to listen to music, set an alarm, ask Alexa random questions, and more!

Amazon Echo Dot

Dyson Airwrap Hair Styler

I think these days the Dyson Airwrap Hair Styler set is every girl’s dream. We see it everywhere online, we see reviews of it all the time, and who actually doesn’t want it?!

Anyways, this is the most expensive item I’ve ever put on this blog, but if you have the budget, and you want to make that lady in your life the happiest, I can promise you she is going to be SO HAPPY with the Dyson Airwrap Hair Styler and use it ALL THE TIME! 

Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler for Multiple Hair Types and Styles

Dash Mini Waffle Maker

This mini Dash waffle maker is one of the cutest Christmas gift ever! 

If she likes making delicious breakfast, and even if she likes cooking in general, I can promise you that she is going to enjoy this dash mini waffle maker!

Pink fash mini waffle maker

Festive Press-On Fake Nails

A cute little stocking stuffer/little Christmas gift idea, is this festive press-on fake nails!

This is just a fun little Christmas gift to throw in for the holiday!

Clutch Nails Press-On Fake Nails

Coffee Self-Talk Book

The Coffee Self-Talk book is a motivational book that teaches you a life-changin routine that takes only 5 minutes a day!

The Coffee Self-Talk book will transform your life by boosting your self-esteem, filling you with happiness, and helping you attract the magical life you are dreaming of having!

If this book sounds like a great fit for the woman you are getting it to, I highly recommend checking it out!

Coffee Self-Talk book

Chunky Cleated Boots

I have these chunky cleated boots from Boohoo and I’M OBSSESED! I wear them almost anywhere, they really upgrade your outfit, and they are very comfortable as well!

Chunky Cleated Sole Hiker Boot

Bullet Journal

If she’s into journaling, planners, or anything in-between – get her a new bullet journal for her to start journaling (or continue journaling) and planning her life!

bullet journal

Black Knee High Boots

I think that every woman needs at least one pair of black knee high boots! They are just a fashion statement, let’s be honest!

And also, they can upgrade any outfit you’ll wear, and it just bring a whole different vibe to your outfit!

I love these black knee high boots from Boohoo, they are super nice, affordable, and pretty comfortable as well!

black knee high boots

The First Apartment Planner

If she’s about to move into her first apartment, whether it’s a college apartment, or her first apartment after college, I’ll give myself a self promo and HIGHLY RECOMMEND The First Apartment Moving Planner!

Basically, The First Apartment Moving Planner is a digital printable planner I’ve created that helps you with everything you’ll need!

This planner will guide you through your process of moving-in to your first apartment in a smoothly and organized way. 

It’s a detailed planner for scheduling and planning your first apartment moving journey. 

What’s Inside?

  • Cover Page 
  • Detailed First Apartment Essentials Checklist 
  • Detailed First Apartment Grocery List Checklist 
  • Detailed First Apartment Cleaning Supplies Checklist 
  • Detailed Things To Do Before Move-in Day Checklist 
  • Empty Things To Do Before Move-in Day Checklist (for you to fill in) 
  • Move in Week Schedule Planner 
  • Detailed Moving Process Budget Planner 
  • Empty Moving Process Budget Planner 
  • Move-in Day To Do List 
  • Things I Need to Remember Page 
  • Three Empty Notes Pages

The First Apartment Moving Planner

Bathtub Tray

If she loves taking baths, I can promise you that she will enjoy this bathtub tray from Amazon!

This bathtub tray has space for an iPad/book, for a glass of wine, your phone, food, cosmetics – it has space for everything and anything you’ll want for a relaxing bath!

bathtub tray for bath


I always say that a perfume is a woman’s best friend! And I especially think that the Ariana Grande Thank U Next perfume is one of the best perfumes I’ve ever smelled!

If you don’t know what to get that woman in your life, or you want to be on the safe side, you can always get her a delicious smelling perfume!

Ariana Grande Thank U next perfume

Apple Watch

A Apple Watch is always one of the best and most practical gifts for almost anyone these days!

Apple Watch Series 7 GPS + Cellular, 41mm Starlight Aluminum Case

Cute Sheet Masks Set

You can never go wrong with skincare products, and especially with face masks!

One of the best and nicest Christmas gifts for women in their 20’s is a cute sheet masks set!

This animal sheet masks set is great for relaxing during your alone time, to treat your skin, and to have a good time alone.

sheet masks face masks

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