The Best Christmas Stocking Stuffers For College Students

Stocking Stuffers For College Students

Today I am going to share with you the best Christmas stocking stuffers for college students! 

If you are looking for some Christmas stocking stuffers for college girls, keep reading!

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stocking stuffer ideas for college students

Lip Balm Set

Winter is here and now is the worse season for our lips. Who doesn’t hate their lips getting dry and chapped?

This delicious smelling Dunkin lip balm set will be the perfect stocking stuffer for college girls!

dunking munchkins lip balms

Extra Long Charging Cable

This extra long charging cable is definitely a must-have for college to charge your phone from a distance while still being able to use it.

This charger is a practical stocking stuffer idea that college students would love to receive!

USB long iphone charger

Colorful Pens

These high-quality colorful pens are perfect for notetaking, journaling, or just writing stuff in your planner.

They make one of the most practical stocking stuffers ideas for college students, since you can be sure they will use them A LOT!

Colored Pens set for school

Wearable Nail Polish Bottle Holder

Who ever invented this is definitely a genius.

If she likes doing her nails, this wearable nail polish bottle holder will definitely make her life easier because she won’t worry for a seconf about knocking over the bottle!

You can also add a mini nail polish set to go along with it.

nail polish bottle holder nail polish bottle holder

HotHands Hand Warmers

If your college student goes to school somewhere that is freezing in the winter, these HotHands hand warmers are the perfect stocking stuffer!

The hand warmers goes inside your gloves, pockets, or even socks and will keep you warm during the cold days of winter!

Hand Warmers

Microfiber Hair Towel

This Microfiber hair towel is one of the best stocking stuffer ideas for college students!

The towel dries your hair quickly, it takes care of frizzy hair/split ends, doesn’t damage curls, and it easily wraps around your head so you don’t need to touch it every minute!

Microfiber Hair Towel for Women

Wireless Earbuds

I can’t think of someone who won’t be happy to receive wireless earbuds. They are a practical gift that everyone uses in their everyday life – especially college students.

These wireless earbuds come in pink as well!

Black Wireless Earbuds

Water Bottle

water bottle is always a practical gift idea whether it’s a Christmas gift or a stocking stuffer.

What I like about this water bottle is that you can put some fruit in it to flavor the water!

Fruit Infuser Bottle

24K Gold Eye Treatment Mask

If you didn’t know, 24K gold is perfect for treating your skin. These 24K gold eye treatment pads are perfect for treating puffy eyes and bags, dark circles, and wrinkles as well!

Cedlize Under Eye Collagen Patch, 24K GOLD ANTI-AGING MASK

Scalp Massagers

I’m obsessed with these scalp massagers. They are so good and are very relaxing, and I don’t think of anyone who won’t want to use it!

You can literally become obsessed with these scalp massagers after using them once!

Scalp Massagers, Handheld Head Massage Tingler

Skincare Face Masks Set

These skincare face masks set are one of the best relaxing stocking stuffer ideas for college students!

Let’s be honest, college can be very stressful, and it’s important to do some “me time” and relax every once in a while.

These Christmas face masks are affordable and adorable and your college student would definitely enjoy using them!

Facial Masks Christmas Masks

Custom Necklace

A custom necklace is a beautiful personal Christmas gift and stocking stuffer for any woman (or man).

This custom necklace from Etsy is completely personalized and you can do it with it anything you want!

personalized custom necklace

Portable Charger

I’ve been using this same exact portable charger for a while now and I am 100% satisfied with it.

It is definitely a lifesaver during college when the day is too long and you don’t have enough battery and where to charge your phone.

This portable charger is a great stocking stuffer for college students that they will definitely be happy to receive!

black portable charger

Fuzzy Socks

I think that fuzzy socks are the ultimate stocking stuffer idea in general. 

Everyone loves fuzzy socks, and they just make a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone in your life, college students included!

blue fuzzy socks

Personalized Mini Nutella Jar

I found this store on Etsy that sells personalized mini Nutella jars! How cute is that?!

These cute Nutella jars will definitely make a cute stocking stuffer for anyone in your life who loves chocolate, and especially Nutella!

personalized Nutella jar

To Accomplish Sticky Notes

I love sticky notes in general. They are a great way to keep yourself and your life organized. 

These To Accomplish Sticky Notes are perfect for keeping your life organized! 

You can stick to your mirror important things to remember note, a to do list note, or even stick the To Buy note on your fridge and write some groceries you need to buy.

I think that these sticky notes will be perfect for college students since there is so much going on, a lot to remember, and these sticky notes will definitely help!

planner sticky notes - to do list note pad

Drunk Stoned or Stupid Party Game

The Drunk Stoned or Stupid game is definitely one of the best stocking stuffers ideas for college students!

It’s basically a “who’s more likely to…” game that they can play with their friends in college!


2022-23 Planner

I can’t live without my planner. It makes my whole life organized and I can’t forget anything that is written down in it.

That’s why I also think a monthly planner will be a perfect stocking stuffer for college students! 

They can plan out their week/day, write down important things they need to remember, and more!

Stocking Stuffers For College Students

Mini Perfume Gift Set

Almost every woman loves a good smelling perfume. 

That’s why I think you can never go wrong with a mini perfume gift set as a stocking stuffer or full Christmas gift!

Stocking Stuffers For College Students

Facial Cleansing Brush

If your college student is into skincare and taking care of her/his skin, this facial cleansing brush by Olay will definitely be a great stocking stuffer for her/him!

This facial brush is perfect for exfolating, maximizing your moistrizer, cleaning out every piece of makeup leftover on your skin, 

Stocking Stuffers For College Students

Whipped Body Butter

I think that body care products always make great stocking stuffer ideas since they usually come in beautiful packagings, they smell amazing, and they are definitely practical for people who actually use them.

This whipped body butter from Etsy doesn’t only looks amazing, it smells delicious too! You can pick any scent you want!

Stocking Stuffers For College Students

Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag

I think that this hanging toiletry bag is a must-have dorm essential.

It has multiple pockets, you can hang the toiletry bag in the shower, and it also folds to a small-medium sized toiltery bag which is perfect for saving space in your suitcase/bag!

Stocking Stuffers For College Students

Never Have I Ever College Edition

Never Have I Ever is another fun college game that will be a perfect stocking stuffer for college students! 

I can promise you that your college student would definitely enjoy playing this game with his/her friends in college!

Stocking Stuffers For College Students

Maybelline Holiday Mini Mascaras Set

If she’s a makeup lover, or wears makeup every day without being obsessed with it, she will definitely enjoy this Maybelline holiday mini mascaras set featuring Maybaline’s top mascaras!

In general, mini makeup gift sets are a great stocking stuffer idea for a makeup lover too!

Stocking Stuffers For College Students

Adult Coloring Book

Last but not least is a adult coloring book. They are perfect for stress reliefing and to spending some time doing something that is not digital and does not include a screen!

This adult coloring book is relaxing, stress relefing, and perfect as a Christmas stocking stuffer for adults!

And that’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed this blog post and found some nice Christmas stocking stuffers for college students!

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