Top 28 Unique Coffee Tables For Apartment Living Room

This post is all about unique coffee tables.

Unique coffee table

Your coffee table can entirely change the look and feel of your living room… Especially in an apartment! I found 28 of the most unique coffee tables so you can find something that fits your space and style perfectly.

Whether you live in a small apartment or have lots of space to work with, I know you’ll find something in this blog post that works for you!

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I’ve added a range of unique coffee table ideas to this list. It has affordable coffee tables to statement coffee tables and everything in between!

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Isobel Coffee Table

This coffee table from Urban Outfitters is so unique! This would be perfect for a neutral, modern, or boho aesthetic.

Arnitra Solid Wood Coffee Table

You really can’t go wrong with a solid wood coffee table. Whether you’re going for modern, rustic, or somewhere in between, you can make a unique wood coffee table like this fit any vibe.

Oval Glass Coffee Table

This coffee  table would be PERFECT for making your space feel more elegant and expensive without having to spend a ton of money. Plus, I love a coffee table with multiple layers like this because you can always use the bottom layer to store items or even add more dimension to your coffee table decor.

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Doynton Glass Top Coffee Table

I don’t know about you, but I have always thought that glass top coffee tables look so bougie. It’s amazing that you can get something like this for such an affordable price! This would fit in a gold themed apartment perfectly.

Circle Embossed Coffee Table

These matte white contemporary coffee tables are SO pretty. These would look gorgeous in a minimalist-style apartment!

Round Wood Coffee Table

I’m such a sucker for warm wood coffee tables like this. These make a space feel super earthy and natural. If you have lots of plants incorporated into your decor, this would be a great fit for your apartment decor!

Nesting White and Gold Coffee Table

This white and gold coffee table set is great for a small apartment because you can put the second smaller table inside the larger one, and pull it out when you have guests or need an extra surface. This would be so convenient for hosting in a small apartment!

SoHo Coffee Table With Shelf

This is one of the most unique coffee tables I’ve seen. It would go great with modern or industrial decor.

Geometric Natural Coffee Table

If you want to blend modern and earthy, this is the perfect unique coffee table for you!

Light Honey Round Coffee Table

I’m honestly tempted to order this gorgeous coffee table for my apartment right now! This is so pretty and a great choice if you want to add more warm tones to your apartment decorations.

Aria Coffee Table

If you like unique shapes, waves, and soft corners, this is the perfect unique coffee table for you. I LOVE the waves under this glass top coffee table, and you can get it in a white or natural wood color. I feel like this would be perfect if you live near a lake or the ocean.

Oona Coffee Table

This oak coffee table from Anthropologie is the perfect blend of soft shapes and warm tones. If you’re looking for furniture that just feels comforting the second you step into your apartment, this is one of the best unique coffee tables.

Solstice Coffee Table

I love this coffee table because it’s super simple and plain but still unique. It would be really easy to dress this up with whatever decor you like and make it fit your space!

Modern Glass Coffee Table

There are tons of reviews saying that this is a super sturdy coffee table, which is great considering it’s glass! If you love the glass coffee table aesthetic but you’re worried about durability, this coffee table is great.

Acrylic Coffee Table

There’s something about acrylic furniture that looks modern, sleek, and youthful at the same time. If that’s the vibe you’re going for in your apartment then you need to get this beautiful acrylic coffee table!

Double Layer Brown & Glass Coffee Table

The combination of the brown layer and the glass layer gives a darker vibe to a traditional glass coffee table, which makes this one of the most unique coffee tables I’ve seen!

Golden Bundy Glass Top Coffee Table

This coffee table is the best of both worlds if you’re going for a modern vibe: double layered AND gold!

This is such an affordable way to instantly make your space feel more elegant and expensive.

2-Tier Round Coffee Table

This coffee table is perfect for an apartment with rustic or industrial decor. You can also decorate this coffee table in so many different ways since it’s so neutral!

Mason Arc Coffee Table

If you like geometric shapes in your furniture, this is a super unique geometric type of coffee table. Plus, the black color is perfect for a neutral or darker vibe.

Flower Rattan Coffee Table

I could totally see this coffee table looking AMAZING in a boho style apartment, or an apartment with lots of plants!! If you’re a proud plant mom then you’ll probably love this unique coffee table.

Rattan Glass Coffee Table

The combination of rattan and glass in this coffee table perfectly blends an earthy and modern vibe. What’s not to love?!

Redrow Coffee Table

I love the look of a super casual and unconventional coffee table like this. Whether the rest of your decor is gray and white or whether you have a full-on woody and earthy decor style, this would be the perfect addition to your apartment furniture.

Voler Coffee Table

This is such a unique coffee table because it combines such unexpected shapes but it’s still simple enough that you can decorate it however you like!

Iridescent Coffee Table

If you like a little more color in your decor, this coffee table is so pretty! It still has natural wood on the legs but with a holographic glass top, which is so pretty.

Jemarius Glass Top Coffee Table

This glass top coffee table has great ratings and I can see why! It looks super durable and would fit perfectly in so many different types of spaces.

Ramona Long Coffee Table

If you want an all-glass coffee table, this one has a double layer which is amazing for adding more storage or decor space!

Jonathan Stream Coffee Table

The shapes of this coffee table are so unique. I can imagine this fitting perfectly with a comfy sectional or tufted couch!

Aneitra Solid Wood Top Coffee Table

I LOVE solid wood top coffee tables like this. If you want something a little industrial and a little rustic that can still fit with a variety of other decor, this is one of the best unique coffee tables for you!

I hope you found the perfect coffee table idea in this post! Whether you’re moving into your first apartment or just refreshing your space, having a great coffee table is such an important piece of the puzzle.


This post was all about unique coffee tables.


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