Best Valentine’s Day Decorations You Are Going to LOVE This Year!

Best Valentine's Day Decorations

Today I am going to share with you the best Valentine’s Day decorations that you are going to LOVE this year!

Valentine’s Day is getting closer and closer, and if you are looking for some cute Valentine’s Day decorations, you are in the right place!

In this blog post, we are going to cover Valentine’s Day decorations, Valentine’s Day balloons, Valentine’s Day pillows, Valentine’s Day kitchen accessories, and so much more!

Let’s get started!

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best Valentine's Day decorations

Red String Lights

One of the best ways to decorate your place for Valentine’s Day, is by using red string lights!

You can hang it up on the ceiling, around the door/window, or you can even make a little DIY and put it in a glass jar. That can look cute too!

best valentine's day decorations red string lights

Valentine’s Day Banners

Another cute way to decorate for Valentine’s Day is by getting a Valentine’s Day banner!
I found these super cute Valentine’s Day banners from Amazon, and it’s so cute!

Valentine’s Day Pillows

Next on our best Valentine’s Day decorations list are these beautiful Valentine’s Day pillows from Amazon and Target!

If you’ve read my other holiday decorating blog posts, you’ll know how much I love switching out my pillows before a holiday!

I just think it adds so much, and if you don’t want to go all over the place with decorating, you can just switch out your pillows to festive one to get into the holiday vibes!

Valentine’s Day Mugs

If there’s something I am really obsessed with, is kitchen accessories! I love finding cute and beautiful kitchen accessories, and I also love mugs!

If you are looking for smaller ways to decorate your place for Valentine’s Day, get some festive Valentine’s Day mugs to get into the holiday vibes!
valentine's day mugs

Decorate With Artificial Roses

I don’t know about you, I love roses! I also think they are definitely one of Valentine’s Day’s symbols because this is such a romantic flower!

If you don’t have the time or power to keep real roses alive, that’s totally okay! 

You can just get these beautiful artificial roses from Amazon, and put them in a beautiful glass vase!
best valentine's day decorations artificial roses

Valentine’s Day Balloons Set

If you are surprising your partner on Valentine’s Day, a cute way to decorate the place for the day is with this beautiful Valentine’s Day balloons set!

This balloons set comes with I LOVE YOU letter balloons, 25 red heart-shaped latex Valentine’s Day balloons, 6 red heart-shaped foil balloons, ribbon, love-bear foil balloon, and 1000 pcs silk rose petals!

This is the perfect Valentine’s Day balloons set to decorate your bedroom with and surprise your partner for Valentine’s Day!

valentine's day balloons set

Switch Out Your Bath Mat!

Another super cute idea to spice up your bathroom for Valentine’s Day, is to switch out your bath mat to a Valentine’s Day heart shaped rug!

You can get one or two bath mats, and use them to decorate your bathroom!

Valentine's Day heart shaped rug

LOVE LED Light Sign

Moving on to this cute LOVE LED light sign you can use to decorate your bedroom, a bookshelf, a shelf, etc.

best valentine's day decorations

Rose Petals

Whether you are surprising your partner, or just looking for a romantic Valentine’s Day decoration, you should definitely consider decorating the bed/or even the dining table (if you are looking for more of a long-term decoration) with these beautiful rose petals!

best valentine's day decorations rose pedals

Beauty and The Beast Rose

I think the most iconic, and honestly, best Valentine’s Day decoration, is the famous Beauty and The Beast rose! You can put it on a bookshelf/shelf/table/etc.

beauty and the beast rose

Valentine’s Day Kitchen Towels

Another thing I love doing during the holidays, is switching my kitchen towels to festive kitchen towels!

I found these insanely cute Valentine’s Day kitchen towels on Target. Check them out!


Decorate Your Bathroom!

Moving on with the Valentine’s Day bathroom decorations, another cute way to decorate your bathroom is by switching your shower curtain to a Valentine’s Day shower curtain, and using these rose shower curtain hooks to decorate!


Valentine’s Day Window Decorations

Take the Valentine’s Day spirit to the outdoor as well! Decorate your windows with these Valentine’s Day window decorations from Target!

Hang Up a Valentine’s Day Wreath

Our last decor idea for our best Valentine’s Day decorations blog post, is to hang up a Valentine’s Day wreath!

There are so many beautiful Valentine’s Day wreaths, and I found these three beautiful front door wreaths from Target.


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