23 Practical Christmas Gifts For First Apartment New Home Owners Would LOVE!

Christmas Gifts For First Apartment

If you are looking for Christmas gifts for first apartment for a new home owner, this blog post is definitely for you!

Today, I am going to share with you 20 insanely cute and practical Christmas gifts for first apartment, your new home owners are definitely going to use, and love!

Let’s get started!

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Christmas gifts for first apartment

Cute Mugs Set

I think a nice mug set is always a great gift idea for any hostess/home owner! 

You can be sure that it is a practical gift, they will definitely use, and it is always nice to get a cute mugs set when you don’t know what to buy someone 😉

black white and nude Coffee Mugs set

Wine Glasses

Another very practical first apartment Christmas gift idea is a set of nice wine glasses!

These pretty wine glasses are a great practical gift you can be sure your new home owner would love to receive, and use it when they have guests over/when they are in the mood for wine!


clear wine glasses set from amazon

Beautiful Coasters Set

These beautiful coasters set from Etsy are already in my cart! They are so pretty, and perfect for enjoying warm drinks during a meal.

These coasters are also on the affordable side, so that’s a bonus as well!

pink white and purpal resin coasters from etsy

Serving Cheese Board

Next is this lovely serving cheese board, which is perfect to use when you are having over some guestss.

This cheese board has place for serving cheese, crackers, fruits, and also comes with a set of 4 mini serving utensils.
wooden cutting board with cheese, crackers, fruit, wine and wine glasses

Electric Salt & Pepper Grinder Set

I have this electric salt & pepper grinder set at home, and it’s pretty cool! 

If you are looking for a cool gimic gift idea, which is still practical and you know they will use, this electric salt & pepper grinder set is a great gift option for a new home owner!

electric salt & pepper shakers set

Festive Wooden Cooking Utensils

Next on our list are these cute festive wooden cooking utensils! 

As you know this is a very practical gift, but it also has a twist on it with the festive drawings!

This festive wooden cooking utensils set is definitely one of the cutest Christmas gifts to give to a new home owner!

festive Christmas bamboo wooden cooking utensils set

A Nice Silverware Set

How pretty is this rose gold silverware set? I actually have this set at home, and I love it!

This nice silverware set are so pretty, high quality, and they will also make a great practical Christmas gift.

rose gold silverware set of rose gold fork, rose gold knife, rose gold spoon

Set of Pots & Pans

Let’s be honest, a set of pots & pans is one of the most practical first apartment Christmas gifts, because you can be sure that your new home owner is definitely looking for a nice set of pots and pans, and will definitely use it.

This is such a helpful gift, because as new home owners, we try to save up as much money as we can, so getting as a gift a nice set of pots & pans, will definitely be helpful!

Turquoise pots and pans set

Personalized Cutting Board

A cutting board is definitely a must-have kitchen essential. 

So first of all, this personalized cutting board makes a great practical Christmas gift, and also has a nice personalized touch to make it a special gift!

personalized wooden cutting board

Kitchen Knifes Set

Moving on to this beautiful colorful kitchen knifes set from Amazon. 

Beyond the fact that these colorful knifes are so pretty and colorful, they also make a great practical first apartment gift!

colorful ombre kitchen knifes set

Toolbox Tools Set

Okay, maybe this is one of the most practical Christmas gifts for first apartment?

Having a good toolbox tools set in your home is a must-have, especially when you first move in to a new place.

That’s why you can help your new home owner by getting them this nice toolbox tools set!

It doesn’t only come in pink, it also comes in blue, red, and orange.

pink tools set toolbox storage box

Petcube Cam

The Petcube Cam is a pet monitoring camera that has a built-in chat for cats & dogs, a security camera with 1080p HD video, and a two-way audio feature.

If they have pets at home, the Petcube Cam is perfect for them to “stay in touch” with their pets and keep an eye on them (literarly ;)) when they are not home!

petcube cam - security camera for pets at home

BBQ Grill Accessories Set

Another super practical Christmas gift is this BBQ grill accessories set! 

If they like having a nice BBQ, and like having guests over and throwing BBQ parties, this BBQ grill accessories set will be perfect for them!


Unique Salt & Pepper Shakers Set

If you know my blog for a while now, you know how much I love unique salt & pepper shakers sets!

In fact, I even have a collection at home with all kinds of unique salt & pepper shakers from every country I’ve been to.

Anyways, enough about me – how cute is this avocado salt & pepper shakers set from Etsy?!

Getting a nice salt & pepper shakers set is a great gift idea if you don’t know what to buy someone, but you do want to get something practical and nice.

avocado salt and pepper shakers set

Cooking Utensils Set

This cooking utensils set is one of the best Christmas gifts for first apartment! (even if I’ve been saying that every gift here is the best, but they are honestly are!)

Anyways, this is a 33-pieces cooking utensils set that comes with everything you’ll need for cooking.

You can be sure that this cooking utensils set is a great gift that you can be sure your new home owner would love to receive.

cream cooking utensils set

Nice Set of Towels

A set of towels is always appreciated and always needed no matter if it’s a first apartment or not.

If you don’t know what to get your new home owner, you can be sure that they would love to receive this 6-piece towels set from Target.

towels set

Bartender Kit

The Bartender Kit is the ultimate alcohol-making kit any bartending lover would love to receive!

If they like alcohol, making drinks and cocktails, and are into bartending, they would love to receive the Bartender Kit from Amazon!

This kit comes with a shaker, ice tongs, muddler, mixing spoons, hawthorne strainer, and a bunch of nice mixology tools!

the bartender kit - mixology kit for making alcohol drinks

Labled Food Storage Containers Set

I know this sounds kind of random, but when you think about it, it is a super practical gift that everyone needs in their kitchen!

To help your new home owner to stay organized and have an organized kitchen, this labled food storage containers set is the perfect gift!

This food containers set comes with 40 storage containers set, including 36 labels and a marker for them to lable every storage box.

Also, these boxes are microwave, freezer & dishwasher safe, which is a bonus as well!

clear labled food storage containers set

Unique Doormat

I love doormats! I have no idea why I care about them so much, but I just love having a unique doormat in my home!

I have a dog, so honestly I’m obssesed with the left doormat, but if your home owner doesn’t have a dog or any pets, you should consider getting them this cute sunflower doormat from Etsy!

Personalized First Apartment Mug

Last but not least is this personalized first apartment mug from Amazon. 

If you don’t know what to get your new home owner, but they did move-in to their new place recently, this personalized first apartment mug is a great gift idea!
first apartment mug

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