12 Festive Christmas Bedroom Decor You’ll Love!

Festive Christmas Room Decor Ideas

Today I am going to share with you the best festive Christmas room decor ideas for your bedroom!

If you are looking for some creative and unique Christmas decorations for your room (that are also pretty affordable), keep reading!

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Christmas Bedroom decor

Switch Out Your Bedding!

The best way to decorate a bedroom for any holiday (or not), is by switching the bedding!

Since the bed is usually the biggest piece of furniture in the room, and also the first thing people usually see when they walk into a room, switching out your bedding will make a huge difference!

You can either pick a festive Christmas bedding set or if you are looking for something quieter and natural, this cozy white bedding set will be perfect as well! (and it will also look great throughout the year, so it’s not only for Christmas).

christmas room decor ideas

Add Some Winter/Christmas Pillows

In every holiday decorations guide, I always say how switching out your pillows to festive pillows will make a huge difference!

It is also perfect to add an extra Christmas touch if you don’t want to go all over the place with decorations, but you still want some Christmas vibes in your room.

Here are some of my favorite Christmas pillows from Amazon:

Christmas room decor ideas Christmas room decor ideas Christmas room decor ideas

Have a Mini Christmas Tree in Your Romo

What’s a Christmas decorated room without a Christmas tree? 

There are many beautiful mini Christmas trees (or thin Christmas trees like the right one in the picture below).

christmas room decor ideas christmas room decor ideas

Decorate Your Christmas Tree

You didn’t think about leaving your Christmas tree empty of decorations, right?

There are many beautiful mini ornaments for small Christmas trees you can use to decorate your tree!

You can also add some Christmas lights to the tree, and more!

christmas room decor ideas

Light Some Christmas Candles

I love Christmas/winter candles. 

Except for their amazing, delicious smell, they are also one of the best Christmas bedroom decor pieces! 

They don’t only cozy up your room for winter, they also smell amazing!


Christmas room decor ideas Christmas room decor ideas Christmas room decor ideas

Decorate With LED Christmas Tree Lights

This LED Christmas tree light from Amazon are definitely one of my favorite Christmas bedroom decor for this holiday season!

This is a beautiful room decoration to add to your room to bring in some festive Christmas/winter vibes.

Christmas room decor ideas


Hang Christmas Window Lights

These window Christmas lights will definitely upgrade your bedroom and insert the right Christmas vibes to your room!

These lights are very affordable, and they will look so good on your window!

Christmas room decor ideas

Decorate With Artificial Mini Christmas Trees

I love these mini winter Christmas trees! They are sparkly, and I LOVE GLITTER.

Also, the trees will great on your dresser, bookcase, on a shelf, or anywhere you want!

Christmas room decor ideas

White Christmas Garland

This white Christmas garland will be perfect around your headboard/on the back of your dresser, or even around your door.

You can also add some Christmas lights around it for a cozy and festive look!

christmas room decor ideas

Christmas Lights!

What’s Christmas without the traditional Christmas lights around your home?!

There are so many ways to decorate with Christmas lights! 

You can place them around your headboard, around the mirror, around your door, around your window, inside clear glass jars – there are so many options!

christmas room decor ideas

Reindeers Figures

Reindeers are a big part of Christmas. They are the symbol of winter!

Check out these beautiful gold reindeers figures from Amazon!

christmas room decor ideas


Pinecone Decorations

Same as the reindeers, I think that pinecones are a must-have Christmas decorations since they just scream fall and winter.

You can place these pinecones inside a clear jar with some Christmas jar (as seen in this Christmas decor blog post), as well as placing them in a pretty bowl, and more!

Christmas room decor ideas


And that’s it! These were 12 beautiful & festive Christmas room decor ideas!

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