TOP 20 Best Last-Minute Amazon Prime Christmas Gifts For Her!

Last-Minute Amazon Prime Christmas Gifts

Christmas is right around the corner, and if you are looking for last-minute Amazon Prime Christmas gifts for her, keep reading!

In this blog post, I am going to share with you the best 20 last-minute Christmas gifts from Amazon that you can get for any woman in your life!

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Last minute amazon prime Christmas gifts for her

Festive Christmas Pajamas Set

Who doesn’t want a nice cozy pajamas set? A great Christmas gift for her, which is also on Amazon Prime, is this festive Christmas pajamas set for women!

short red Christmas pajamas set for women

Nice Wristlet Wallet

Another option, is a nice little fancy wristlet wallet. They say that a wallet is a woman’s best friend, isn’t it? 😉

This Coach wristlet is a high quality wallet that will make a great Christmas gift for her.

Brown Coach wristlet wallet for women

Bathtub Tray

If she has a bathtub, I can guarantee you she would love to receive this bathtub tray!

Except for the cool fact that this is an Amazon Prime product, this bathtub tray is perfect for eating in the bathtub, watching movies on your phone/laptop, and it even has place for a glass of wine and to light some candles!

This bathtub tray is perfect for upgrading your “me time” in the bathtub!

wooden bamboo bathtub tray

Nice Hand Watch

Moving on with our last-minute Amazon Prime Christmas gifts list, this nice Michael Kors hand watch is also available on Amazon Prime and makes the perfect last-minute Christmas gift for her!

If she likes wearing hand watches, you can surprise her with this Michael Kors hand watch! It’s high quality, it’s beautiful, and it definitely makes a great gift!

light pink michael kors hand watch for her

HUGE Earrings Set

If she’s a jewelry lover, and loves switching out her jewelry, you should definitely consider getting her this HUGE earrings set!

This earrings set comes with 72/93 pairs of trendy earrings, that are super fashionable. 

In this set you can find beautiful stud earrings and dangle earrings as well!
large 72/93 earrings set for women

Bath Bombs Set

Spoile the woman in your life with a fun bath bombs set! If she has a bath, and loves taking bathes, this bath bombs set is the perfect gift for her!

bath bombs set


Let’s be honest, a nice pair of AirPods is a “safe gift” to give someone these days. 

And when I see “safe gift”, I mean that these days you can be completely sure that the woman in your life is definitely going to use those AirPods!

This isn’t the cheapest gift, but if it’s a special someone that you want to spoil a bit, you should definitely consider getting her these Apple AirPods.

White apple airpods

Lighted Makeup Mirror

If she’s a makeup lover, she would definitely enjoy this lighted makeup mirror!

This lighted makeup mirror has some cool features such as 21 natural LED lights, a touch screen, and also a charger for charging the makeup mirror.


rose gold lighted makeup mirror

Undated Manifesting Planner

I discovered the Freedom Mastery manifesting planners a while ago, and I completely fell inlove!

If you really want to achieve your goals, and make your dreams come true, this planner definitely helps by guiding you through the steps of manifesting and building a plan to achieve your goals.

If you want to help the woman in your life to achieve her goals this year, as well as menifest her life, make her dreams come true, and also help her have an organized daily life and have things planned out – the Freedom Mastery planner is the perfect gift!

pink undated planner

Massage Gun

A massage gun is always the most perfect gift for anyone! They can use it to give themself a massage, which is always nice.

I personally got my boyfriend this exact massage gun, because let’s be honest, why should I give him massages if I can get him a machine that will do it for him?!

massage gun

Body Care Gift Set

A body care gift set is always a great idea that will probably make any woman happy!

This Ocean body care gift set comes with a bath bomb, hand cream, body butter, hand soap, and a scented candle as well!


Shower Streamers

This shower streamers set is a great last-minute Amazon Prime Christmas gift!

This shower streamers set comes with a scented grapefruit and cocoa orange & citrus essential oil shower streamers – and they smell amazing!

shower streamers

Travel Duffel Bag

A travel duffel bag is always a must-have while traveling, moving around, or just going to the gym.

Whatever the reason may be, I highly recommend this travel duffel bag is a great option to consider.

black travel duffel bag

Makeup Brush Set

Once again, this gift idea is the ultimate gift for a makeup lover.

The Real Techniques makeup brush set comes with 2 belnding sponges, eyeshadow makeup brushes, foundation brush, and a blush bar.

real techniques makeup brush set

Hair Waver

I got this hair waver a few months ago, and I’ve been obsessing over it every since!

This is a great hair waver for short/long hair (and I have LONG HAIR), and is highly recommended.

pink hair waver

Hair Tools Organizer

Speaking of hair tools, this hair tools organizer is perfect for organizing your hair tools in your bathroom/vanity.

As you can see, this hair tools organizer comes with 3 holes for hair tools, and also space for hair products as well.

hair tools organizer

Fuzzy Slippers

Who doesn’t like fuzzy slippers in the winter? I love these fuzzy slippers from Amazon, they are so comfy and cute!

white fluffy slippers

International Cooking Book

If she loves cooking, or getting into cooking, she is going to love this international cooking book!

This is the ultimate international cooking book for beginners, that has 500 recipes from the Mexican, Indian, Thai, Chinese, and even Japenese kitchen!

international cooking book

Gold Initial Necklace

Another great option, that is also included in Amazon Prime, is this beautiful gold initial necklace!

This necklace is a great personal gift, and is also super affordable, which is always a bonus 😉

gold necklace for women

Mini Donut Maker

Last but not least, is this insanely cute mini donut maker! This is the ultimate gift to make a girl happy!

Also, since this is a mini donut maker, you can store it in a drawer, and it doesn’t have to take place on your countertop.

mini donut maker

And that’s it! These were the best 20 last-minute Amazon Prime Christmas gifts for her!

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