Best 15 Romantic Personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts They Are Going to Love!

Personalized Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if you are looking for the most romantic personalized Valentine’s Day gifts – I’m here to show you them!

In this blog post, I am going to share with you the best personalized Valentine’s Day gifts from Etsy!

If you are looking for thoughtful and unique Valentine’s Day gifts, keep reading!

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personalized valentine's day gifts


Our Adventure Book

In my opinion, one of the most romantic and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts, is a photo album!

The Our Adventure Book is one of the most romantic scrapbooks you can make to make your memories together physical (by placing them in a scrapbook).

The scrapbook is also completely personalized! You can choose the color of the wood, the color of the pages, the size of the scrapbook, and more!

valentine's day scrapbook

365 Reasons Why I Love You Box

The Reasons Why I Love you gift is a pretty well known DIY gift idea, but if you don’t feel like working hard and doing everything by yourself, you can get your own already-made Reasons Why I Love You Box!

This box comes with up to 365 notes filled with reasons why I love you that are perfect for your partner, or even parents/friend/etc.

When you order this Reasons Why I Love You Box, you can choose how many notes you want to order to be rolled up, and then personalize the messages you want in the box with the seller, and that’s it!

Valentine's Day reasons why I love you box gift

Romantic Portrait

One of the best personalized Valentine’s Day gifts is a romantic portrait of the two of you!

Choose your favorite photo of the two of you, and get your partner a beautiful portrait!

romantic faceless portrait

Personalized Men’s Wallet

I recently got this personalized men’s wallet for my boyfriend’s birthday, and it is one of the best gifts ever!

The wallet is super high quality, this picture below isn’t mine, but I also engraved a photo of the two of us, and in the inside of the wallet I engraved a short sentence with my own handwriting!

This is such a romantic Valentine’s Day, which is also very practical, and perfect for your boyfriend/husband!

personalized men's wallet

Custom Engraved Keychain

If you are living together, I think this custom engraved matching keychains are a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day!

You can either engrave the day you met/got married/or even moved-in together!

custom engraved keychain

Personalized Teddy Bear

Moving on with our personalized Valentine’s Day gifts is this adorable personalized teddy bear!

When you buy it, you can choose the teddy bear’s color, and also what will be written on his shirt!
custom personalized teddy bear

Reasons Why I Love You Puzzle

Another SUPER ROMANTIC Reasons Why I Love You gift idea is a Reasons Why I Love You puzzle!

This is such a romantic gift idea, it’s so thoughtful and unique, and is completely customizable!

Valentine's Day reasons why i love you puzzle

Romantic Custom Photo Collage

Another very romantic personalized Valentine’s Day gift is this custom photo collage!

Choose your favorite photos of the both of you, of your favorite memories together, and insert them in this beautiful custom photo collage!

heart shaped custom photo collage

Mini Photo Album Keychain

Next is this super cute and romantic mini photo album keychain! Choose your favorite pictures of the both of you, and insert them in this cute mini photo album keychain!

This is also a super romantic long-distance relationship gift!

mini photo album keychain

Personalized Mug 

Who doesn’t need mugs? And especially super funny/romantic personalized mugs!

This funny mug is a great little Valentine’s Day gift to get your partner! 

This mug is completely customizable! From the look of the both of you in the portrait, the sentence in the bag, the color of the mug, etc.

personalized mug

Personalized 3D Photo Lamp

Okay, I think this is one of the cutest and most romantic gifts in this blog post! How romantic is this personalized 3D photo lamp?!

All you need to do is choose a picture of the both of you, a romantic sentence, and this talented creator will create for you this beautiful personalized 3D photo lamp!

personalized 3D photo lamp

Beautiful Name Necklace

They say jewelry is a woman’s best friend, and I’ll agree with that! This beautiful name necklace is a romantic gift to give your girlfriend/wife for Valentine’s Day!

You can choose between a 14K solid gold necklace, a 18K rose gold necklace, and a 925K silver necklace!

gold name necklace

Personalized Bobblehead

If you have an extra budget, and want to spoil your partner with an extremely unique gift, let me show you this adorable personalized bobblehead!

This is such an unusual unique gift idea, and is perfect for Valentine’s Day!

personalized bobblehead

Best Tinder Match Ever Boxers

If you and your boyfriend/husband met on Tinder, a super cute personalized Valentine’s Day gift will be these Best Tinder Match Ever boxers!

Best Tinder Match Ever personalized boxers

Personalized Socks

Last but not least, are these personalized socks! If you want to give your partner a funny gift, these personalized socks are a great option to go for!

personalized socks

And that’s it for today! These were the best personalized Valentine’s Day gifts to give your partner for Valentine’s Day!

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