28 Best Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her!

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and if you are looking for last minute Valentine’s Day gifts for her, this blog post for you!

If you don’t know what to get your girlfriend/wife for Valentine’s Day, here are 28 unique Valentine’s Day gifts for her!

Let’s get started!

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last minute Valentine's Day gifts for her


Fuzzy Slippers

Starting off this blog post with these insanely cute and fuzzy slippers from Amazon!

I always recommend these slippers on my gift guides, because they are honestly the best! 

These slippers are so soft and cozy, and I LOVE wearing them around the house during the winter!

last minute valentine's day gifts for her fuzzy slippers

Daisy By Marc Jacobs Perfume

One of my favorite perfumes this year is the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume! The scent of this perfume is honestly the best, and it’s a very high quality, long-lasting scent perfume!

For Valentine’s Day, and general when buying a gift for a woman, you can never go wrong with a good smelling perfume!

Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume

Michael Kors Ring

They say that jewelry is a woman’s best friend. So, in that case, you can also never go wrong with getting your girlfriend a beautiful ring!

I specifically LOVE this beautiful rose gold heart ring from Michael Kors, it’s so pretty, and super unique!

michael kors rose gold ring

Alo Yoga Workout Set

If your girlfriend loves working out, and loves cute workout clothes, you should definitely consider getting her this super hot and flattering Alo Yoga workout set!

Alo Yoga has the best, most high quality workout sets, so if you are looking for high quality activewear, I highly recommend getting your girlfriend this Alo Yoga workout set!

alo yoga leggings set

Valentine’s Day Date Dress

Another super cute idea for our last minute Valentine’s Day gifts for her blog post, is a Valentine’s Day date dress!

Get her a pretty Valentine’s Day dress you think she’ll love, and give it to her before your Valentine’s Day date night so she can wear it for the date!

Cute Valentine’s Day Pajamas Set

Another great Valentine’s Day gift idea for her is a cute Valentine’s Day pajamas set!

I found this cute and sexy pajamas set from Boohoo, and it looks so cute and comfy!

valentine's day pajamas set for women

Personalized Heart Shaped Photo Collage

If you are looking for personalized Valentine’s Day gifts, I highly recommend this personalized heart shaped photo collage from Etsy!

You can insert your favorite photos of the both of you, and give her this memorable, beautiful Valentine’s Day gift she can hang up!

valentine's day gift photo collage

Personalized Initial Necklace

Moving on to this personalized initial necklace from Etsy! You can either get an initial necklace with both of your initials, or you can get her a necklace with her initial only.

Honestly, a necklace with both of your initials is super romantic in my opinion!

personalized initials necklace

Beautiful Everyday Bag

Next on our last minute Valentine’s Day gifts for her list, is a beautiful everyday bag! I brought you here two options that I think are so pretty! 

First of all, this beautiful black backpack is so pretty! You can wear it as a backpack, or as a shoulder bag. It is made out of vegan leather, and will match any outfit!

Next, is this light blue shoulder bag. It kind of reminds me of the Chanel purse, so I guess this is kind of an affordable dupe for that bag.

Anyways, I love the color of this bag, and it’s also pretty big so you can fit a lot inside!

Michael Kors Purse

Another super pretty and exciting gift is a Michael Kors purse! If you want to spoil her with a new, high-end purse, this Michael Kors purse will be perfect!

This beautiful purse also comes in black and two shades of grey. I honestly love colorful purses so I am showing the beautiful light blue purse!

michael kors purse

Mini Photo Album Keychain

A super cute and unique Valentine’s Day gift for her, is a mini photo album keychain!

This is just a nice and personalized Valentine’s Day gift that is super romantic and cute.

I can guarantee your girlfriend will be so happy to receive this lovely mini photo album keychain!

mini photo album keychain

Kate Spade Sicilia Sunglasses

Next are these beautiful Kate Spade Sicilia Sunglasses!

If your girlfriend loves sunglasses, and you want to spoil her with nice high-end sunglasses, I highly recommend these beautiful Kate Spade sunglasses!

kate spade sunglasses

Over The Knee Boots

If you didn’t know, over the knee boots are so trendy this season! I can guarantee you, that your girlfriend will wear these black vegan leather over the knee boots ALL THE TIME!

I got them on Black Friday, and they are so comfy, made out of great material, and are so pretty!

black over the knee boots

Comfy Soft Robe

Next is this super comfy soft robe from Boohoo! I think soft robes are so fun to wear around the house, or even to sleep with them.

Soft robes are so comfy during the cold winter days, so if you are looking for a cozy Valentine’s Day gift for her, this comfy soft robe will be perfect!

Also, it comes in pink too!


last minute valentine's day gifts for her soft robe

Personalized Oak Photo Cube Box

Moving on with personalized last minute Valentine’s Day gifts for her – is this personalized oak photo cube box!

Choose your favorite photos of the both of you, and get her this beautiful personalized oak photo cube box!

Also, you can fill it with some candy or a few makeup products she likes, and give it to her for Valentine’s Day!

personalized oak photo cube keepsake box

Michael Kors Necklace

Next is this beautiful Michael Kors rose gold necklace. It’s a 14K rose gold, silver stone necklace. 

Very high quality, super cute and romantic gift, and will make such a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift for her!

rose gold michael kors necklace

Unique Clutch

Another type of bag you can get your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day, is a beautiful clutch!

I found this unique hot pink clutch on Lulu’s, I think it’s perfect for a night out, and the price is great as well!

hot pink clutch

Personalized Water Bottle

How cute are these personalized water bottles?! Make your girlfriend go to school/work/anywhere else, with a cute personalized water bottle!

personalized water bottle

Kate Spade Wallet

If your girlfriend needs a new wallet, Valentine’s Day is your opportunity to get her a new high-end Kate Spade wallet!

I personally LOVE this green Kate Spade wallet! I’m OBSSESED. And have been eyeing this wallet for a while now.

If you don’t like green, no worries, this Kate Spade wallet also comes in black, beige, brown, duck green, pink, and more!

green kate spade wallet

Funny Valentine’s Day Mug

If you and your girlfriend met on Tinder/any other platform that relates to this mug, you can get her this funny Valentine’s Day mug for Valentine’s Day!

You can fill it up with candy, makeup, jewelry, or anything else to spoil her!

funny valentine's day mug

Our Adventure Book

A super romantic Valentine’s Day gift for her is a pretty photo album!

Make a beautiful scrapbook with the Our Adventure Book, put inside all of your beautiful memories together, and give it to her for Valentine’s Day!

This is such a romantic and memorable gift!

our adventure book scrapbook photo album

Alo Yoga Home Workout Set

If she likes working out at home, you can get her the Alo Yoga home workout set!

This home workout set includes:

  • 1 luxe Alo Moves annual subscription gift box
  • 1 tie-dye yoga mat
  • 2 uplifting blocks
  • 1 yoga strap
  • 1 grounded no-slip mat towel
  • Also shopper tote bag 

alo yoga workout set

Alo Yoga Fitness Bag

I don’t know about you, but my Instagram is filled with girls using this Alo Yoga fitness bag!

The Alo Yoga accessories became so trendy, so if your girlfriend is in need for a new gym bag, or just a large bag in general, this Alo Yoga fitness bag will be perfect for her!

Alo yoga fitness bag

Forever Rose

I think these Forever Roses are the most unique and romantic gifts EVER! Basically, these are preserved real roses that lasts over 10 years!

Also, you can attach a super romantic Valentine’s Day card, and that’s it! You have the most romantic Valentine’s Day gift in the entire world!

preserved real roses

Funny Couples Socks

Last but not least for this last minute Valentine’s Day gifts for her blog post are these funny couples socks!

Add your faces to these funny couples socks and give it to your girlfriend!

personalized funny couples socks

And that’s it for today! These were the best 28 last minute Valentine’s Day gifts for her!


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