The Best College Study Tips You NEED to KNOW.


Today I am going to share with you the best college study tips you need to know if you want to rock your exams and do well in school!

Studying effectively doesn’t mean spending hours upon hours in the library or locked in your room. 

The oppisite, if you know what you’re doing, and what works well for you and helps you get good grades, you can do very good in school without locking yourself in your room for hours to study.

So, if you want to get your grades up, and you are looking for good college study tips – keep reading!

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Must-know college study tips to rock finals seasons

1. Work With a Planner

I love planners, and I live by them. I love having a planner and having my whole life, to-do lists and thoughts written down.

Being organized is the key to success in almost everything in life. 

I love having my whole life and tasks organized in one place and to know exactly what I need to do or what is coming up.

I think that as a college student, a planner is definitely a must-have. 

There is so much going on, whether it’s in college, internships, work, personal life – you should definitely have a planner to write everything down and keep track of your life.

I highly recommend checking out this planner. It’s an undated planner that you can use to plan out your month, week, day, and also write down to-do lists!

2.Plan in Advance 

As I said before, being organized is the key to success, especially in college.

Write down in your planner/calander/etc your upcoming exams, assignments, and final tests.

I even more recommend writing them down in a monthly view calendar so you can see exactly when is everything happening, what’s the due dates and how close are you to that date.

Let’s be honest, one of the worst things that can happen to you in college is forgetting about an important exam or going to class without the super important assignment you need to turn in after you forgot to make it.

That’s why planing in advance and being aware of your school schedule is very important.

3. Start Studying For an Exam With What You Already Know

It sounds funny to start studying something you already know for a test. But trust me, it’s for the better.

Build some confidence towards the exam by studying first what you already know, then what you kind of know, and then subjects that you are having some difficulties with.

When you start with the hard subjects, you will usually get frustrated and feel like you don’t know anything and will avoid studying for the test.

Also, by studying first subjects you are doing better with, you are making sure that you are at least doing perfect at 60%-80% of the exam. 

4. Prioritize Your Studying Based on Difficulty Level

Let’s face it, finals week is usually the most hectic week of the year, and it’s definitely a hell week for college students.

You get too many assigments to due back in one week, a bunch of exams, and it just feels like it will never end. (but it will).

This is why it is very important to prioritize you studying based on the difficulty levels of each class.

To make this work, start by doing assigments/studying for tests that will require the less efort on your part.

Start with doing assigments and studying for exams of classes that are easier for you. 

My tip for you is to prioritize your studying by writing down all of your classes, and ranking them from the hardest to the esiest.

Also, create the same list for all of the assigments and tests you need to take, and rank them from the easiest to the hardest (so you’ll know what to start with).

Another tip, is to set up tme blocks for each class. This way you will know where you need to focus the majority of your time studying, and where you are doing better and don’t need much time to study.

5. Get Enough Sleep

People underestimate the importance of getting enough sleep and sleeping well during the night. 

Having a bad sleep scheduele can affect your body, physical health, mental health, and your performance in school/work/anything in life.

Make sure you are getting enough sleep during the night. Researchs show that having a good night sleep is very important, and naps during the day can’t cover for it.

So instead of studying during the night and naping during the day, sleep during the night (at least 7-8 hours) and study during the day without taking extra naps.

6. Make a Practice Exam

One of the best ways to study for an exam is to create a practice exam. 

Build yourself an exam using questions from the internet/related exams you can find online.

After your test is ready, sit down, set time with a stopper and answer the test!

7. Study in Different Locations

Switching study locations is one of the best things to do when studying for exams. 

This way you don’t feel like you’ve been stuck in your room the whole day, or you won’t feel depressed after sitting at home and studying the whole day.

Try studying in your room, maybe switch to the balcony/back yard after, go out to a park (or even the beach) with your laptop and books and study there too.

If you are on campus (which in regular situations you will be, but 2020-2021 hits different isn’t it?), you can also study in the library, at a coffee shop, etc.

8. Don’t Wait With School Work For The Last Minute

One of the biggest mistakes college students make is waiting for the last minute with their school work. 

I don’t want to sound like your mother, but doing this won’t help you, it will only add stress to your life.

I recommend doing assigments and homework the day (or day after if you are super busy and can’t do anything that day) you receive it. DON’T WAIT TILL THE DAY BEFORE DUE DATE!

9. Rewrite Your Notes

One of my favorite ways to study is by rewriting my notes from class. My friends used to make fun of me of doing that, but it really helps!

This doesn’t works for everyone, but I recommend trying it. 

By rewriting your notes, you will reread and rewrite all of the important information you need to know for the exam, which will make you memorise all of the important information you need to know.

Also, I recommend rewriting your notes by taking a pen and writing them down on a paper and not on your laptop/phone. 

From my experience, it works better to remember and you will really memorise eveyrthing.

10. Don’t Forget To Live

This is one of the most important college study tips, if not the most important. DON’T FORGET TO LIVE.

Yes, it’s an important exam, or must due by tomorrow assigment, but your mental health and sanity is much more important.

Don’t forget to breath, take breaks, and not drown in school work for days. It’s still important to see some friends, be social, go on walks, and take care of yourself.

Trust me, you won’t succeed in that test (even if you know everything) if your mental health and stress level is extreme.

These were my TOP 10 college study tips I think every college student should know! I hope I helped you, and that you got some ideas that will help.

If you have any tips or study methodes you are doing, share them with us in the comments below!

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