Best 14 Comfy Women’s Christmas Pajamas Onesie Ideas You Are Going to LOVE!

Women's Christmas Pajamas Onesie Ideas

Looking for women’s Christmas pajamas onesie ideas for Christmas morning? Keep reading!

In this blog post, I am going to share with you 14 SUPER COMFY women’s Christmas pajamas onesie ideas you can find online for a great price!

So, if you are into adopting the festive Christmas vibes in your home this upcoming November/December, keep reading and pick out your new Christmas onesie!

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Women's Christmas pajamas onesie


Comfy Plaid Onesie

How cute is this comfy plaid onesie from Target?? I love plaid pajamas, they are so cozy and festive, and I also love that this plaid onesie has a hat and cute pom poms!

Women's Christmas pajamas onesie

Cute Christmas Onesie

This cute Christmas onesie from Amazon doesn’t only look good, it’s also super cozy, comfortable, and very affordable!

Women's Christmas pajamas onesie

Simple Christmas Onesie

This simple Christmas onesie from Kohl’s is a cute option for a fun and comfy Christmas onesie!

Women's Christmas pajamas onesie

Unique Plaid Christmas Onesie

What I like about this unique plaid Christmas onesie, is that it’s actually unique! 

It’s not the regular plaid Christmas pajamas/onesie you usually see, and I love the colors of this onesie!

Anyways, this plaid Christmas onesie is available on Macy’s, and I highly recommend checking it out!

Women's Christmas pajamas onesie

Knitted Christmas Onesie

This knitted Christmas onesie feels like the traditional Christmas onesie you’ll want to wear on Christmas morning!

This pajamas onesie super comfy, a bit over-sized (which makes it extra cozy), and is perfect for wearing on Christmas morning.

Women's Christmas pajamas onesie

Red Christmas Onesie

Another super cozy and comfortable option is this red Christmas onesie from Target!

Also, it has pockets!! I love onesies with pockets!

Women's Christmas pajamas onesie

Black & White Plaid Onesie

If you are tired of the traditional red plaid pajamas, spice things up and get this cute black & white plaid onesie from Target!

Women's Christmas pajamas onesie

Green Plaid Christmas Onesie

Another way to spice up your traditional Christmas pajamas, is by getting a green plaid Christmas onesie!

This green plaid onesie is from Target as well, it’s super comfy and cozy, and is perfect for Christmas morning!

Women's Christmas pajamas onesie

Festive Christmas Couples Onesie Set

If you are looking for a matching Christmas couples onesie set to match on Christmas morning with your partner, this festive Christmas couples onesie set is perfect for you!

Women's Christmas pajamas onesie

Christmas Snowman Onesie

How cute is this Christmas snowman onesie?! 

If you’ve been looking for a cute women’s Christmas pajamas onesie for Christmas, this cute Christmas snowman onesie is a great option!

I love the pop of color, and the cute snowmans on it! I think this is such a cozy and comfy onesie to wear.

Women's Christmas pajamas onesie

Festive Gingerbread Christmas Onesie

Another cute Christmas option is this festive gingerbread Christmas onesie!

This cute Christmas onesie from Amazon is super cozy, comfortable, and super festive and cute for the holiday!

Women's Christmas pajamas onesie

Christmas Sweater Onesie

This Christmas sweater patterned onesie is so cute! It comes with pockets, and you probably know already how much I love onesies with pockets!

So, if you are looking for a non-red, traditional Christmas onesie, this Christmas sweater onesie is a great option to get on Amazon!

Women's Christmas pajamas onesie

Festive Santa Onesie

If you want to be extra festive, and deep in the Christmas vibes, check out this festive Santa onesie from Amazon!

Women's Christmas pajamas onesie

Traditional Christmas Onesie

Last on our list for today, is this traditional Christmas onesie! It comes with pockets, has a zipper, and is super festive and perfect for Christmas!

Women's Christmas pajamas onesie

And that’s it for today! These were the best comfy women’s Christmas pajamas onesie ideas that are perfect for Christmas morning!

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