TOP 30 Christmas Decor Ideas Under $30 For a Beautiful Home!

30 Unique Christmas Decorations

Christmas is almost here and now is the perfect time to start looking for beautiful and unique Christmas decorations!

In this blog post, I share with you 30 affordable unique Christmas decorations that are under $30!

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christmas decor ideas

1. Gold Ornaments

Create a theme for your Christmas tree by using this gold ornaments set! It comes in other colors too!

Unique Christmas Decorations

2. Christmas Lights

I think this is a pretty obvious Christmas decoration, because who doesn’t decorate for Christmas without Christmas lights?!

Unique Christmas Decorations

3. Outdoor Christmas Tree Lights

How pretty are these outdoor Christmas tree lights? Putting them in the entry of your house can be such a beautiful Christmas outdoor decoration idea!

They are affordable, and definitely one of the most unique Christmas decor ideas I found!

Unique Christmas Decorations

4. Custom Stockings

Christmas stockings are always a must-have! 

This custom stocking set is definitely one of the cutest and most traditional-looking Christmas stockings!

Unique Christmas Decorations

5. Christmas Kitchen Towels

Every holiday I love switching out my kitchen towels to festive kitchen towels! It just adds a fun festive vibe to your home, and brings in the holiday spirit!

Unique Christmas Decorations

6. Cozy Christmas Blanket

I love cozy throw blankets! This soft throw blanket is perfect for Christmas and will definitely add some festive, cozy vibes to your place. 

Unique Christmas Decorations

7. Winter Banner

Hang this beautiful rose gold winter banner in your home for an extra winter touch!

Unique Christmas Decorations

8. Winter Pillows

In every holiday decor guide, I always say that one of the best ways to add a festive touch to your home is by adding some holiday pillows to your couch/bed!

Unique Christmas Decorations

9. Custom Family Ornament

If you love unique and meaningful Christmas ornaments, check out this pretty custom family ornament!

Unique Christmas Decorations

10. LED Tree Light

LED Christmas tabletop trees are one of the most unique Christmas decorations! 

They are a great way to add some festive Christmas vibes to your dining table/coffee table/bookshelves/etc.

Unique Christmas Decorations

11. Get a Unique Ornament

Having unique Christmas ornaments on your tree is the best way to nicely decorate your Christmas tree for the holiday!

I found this cute little astronaut Christmas ornament for a great price on Target!

Unique Christmas Decorations

12. Snowflakes String Light

If you are looking for a unique string light for Christmas, and not the regular ones, this snowflakes string light is definitely a unique decor piece for your home!

13. Mini Christmas Tree

Add a festive Christmas touch to your home with this mini Christmas tree! You can place it on your dining table, on your kitchen counter, or even on your dresser in the bedroom.

Unique Christmas Decorations

14. Custom Puppy Christmas Ornament

You can’t forget about your furry friend! Check out this adorable custom puppy ornament and don’t forget about your lovely puppy on Christmas!

Unique Christmas Decorations

15. Lighted Birch Garland

This lighted birch garland is also a unique garland decor idea to decorate your home for Christmas with! 

You can place it on your coffee table, dining table, hang it on the wall, or even above the curtains.

16. Outdoor Path Lights

Another option for outdoor Christmas lights is this cute outdoor path lights set, you can light your entryway to your home with!

Unique Christmas Decorations

17. Trendy Wooden Christmas Trees Set

If you like decorating for Christmas with more modern, neutral colors, I think this wooden Christmas tree set is the perfect fit.

It matches every house, they are handmade, and they are beautiful!

Unique Christmas Decorations

18. Christmas Tree Skirt

What’s a Christmas tree without a festive Christmas tree skirt?! Here’s a festive and neutral Christmas tree skirt from Amazon!

19. 6FT Inflatable Snowman

Here’s a fun outdoor Christmas decoration! Check out this 6FT inflatable snowman for your yard!

Unique Christmas Decorations

20. Glittery Mini Christmas Trees

I love these glittery mini Christmas trees. They are definitely a vibe, they add a magical winter touch to your home and you can use them as a unique decoration idea in your home.

You can either place them together on your bookshelf/in the middle of the dining table on a lazy Susan for example or on your living room’s coffee table!

Also, you can separate the set and place the trees at random (but special) places around your home.

21. Large Paper Snowflake

This unique paper snowflake will be perfect as a big Christmas ornament or as a wall decor piece of its own on for Christmas!

Unique Christmas Decorations

22. Lighted Christmas Gifts

You can place these lighted Christmas gifts under your Christmas tree, or as a Christmas decoration on a bookshelf, on the floor in your living room, or even on your front porch!

Unique Christmas Decorations


23. Yarn Pom Pom Garland

Spice up your Christmas tree by adding this cute yarn pom pom garland!

24. Christmas Stocking Holders

We’ve talked about Christmas stockings, but what about the Christmas stocking holders? 

Check out these affordable and beautiful festive stocking holders on Amazon!

Unique Christmas Decorations


25. Decorative Snowy Pinecones

I love decorating with snowy pinecones. They are the perfect winter decoration, and they add such a winter/festive vibe to your space.

You can use these decorative snowy pinecones as ornaments on your Christmas tree, as well as putting them in a clear glass jar with some fairy lights!

Unique Christmas Decorations

26. Corona Beer Ornament

After 2020, and 2021, a Corona beer ornament is definitely a must-have on your Christmas tree!

Unique Christmas Decorations


27. Christmas Tree Lamp

To add some festive Christmas vibes to your home, you can place this Christmas tree lamp on your desk, bookshelf, other shelves, or on any other surface!

Unique Christmas Decorations


28. Winter Garland

A winter garland is one of the most popular Christmas decor ideas! I love this specific garland because it definitely “screams” winter, and I love the pinecones on it!

Unique Christmas Decorations

29. Outdoor Christmas Lights

This outdoor Christmas light is definitely a unique one. You can hang it from a tree as seen in the picture below, or on your front porch/etc.

30. Snowman Shower Curtain

You can’t decorate your whole place and forget about your bathroom. Check out this cute snowman shower curtain to use to decorate your bathroom for Christmas as well!

And that’s it for today! These were my 30 Christmas decor ideas under $30! Which Christmas decoration was your favorite? Let me know in the comments section below!

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