The CUTEST Valentine’s Day Pillows You’ll Want on Your Couch!

Best Valentine's Day Pillows

Looking for some beautiful Valentine’s Day pillows to decorate your place for Valentine’s Day?

In this blog post, you are going to find the best and most trendiest Valentine’s Day pillows!

Let’s begin!

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valentine's day pillows


Valentine’s Day Red Pillows

Our first Valentine’s Day pillows set for today is this cute Valentine’s Day red pillow covers set from Amazon!

I think this pillows set is so cute, and perfect for adding some romantic red touches to your place!

Amazon red valentine's day pillows

XOXO Pillow

Another cute Valentine’s Day pillow option is this gray XOXO pillow from Target! 

This is such a cute Valentine’s Day pillow to throw on your couch or bed!

valentine's day xoxo pillow

Pink Roses Heart Shaped Pillow

One of the prettiest pillows in this blog post is this beautiful pink roses heart shaped pillow!

I think this is such a unique pillow, and you don’t need to wait only for Valentine’s Day to decorate with this pillow, you can use it all year-round if it matches your aesthetic!
pink roses heart shaped pillow

Love You More Pillow

Next on our Valentine’s Day pillows list is this lovely Love You More… pillow!

I think this is a cute Valentine’s Day pillow to throw on your couch/bed and bring in some romantic Valentine’s Day vibes to your place.

red Valentine's Day pillow

Hearts Throw Pillow

This pretty hearts throw pillow is the perfect neutral Valentine’s Day decoration! 

If you are not looking for super colorful/red Valentine’s Day decorations, This neutral hearts pillow is a  is a lovely option to bring in some Valentine’s Day vibes without going crazy with color.
neutral valentine's day pillow

HUGS Pillow

This insanely adorable HUGS pillow is the perfect Valentine’s Day pillow that you can also purchase with the pillow below this one!

I think these pillows are super cute for Valentine’s Day and they are perfect for decorating your couch/bed!
valentine's day HUGS pillow


The next pillow is the second adorable KISSES pillow! As I said earlier, you can either pair this cute pillow with the HUGS pillow from above, or just get this one or another!
Valentine's Day KISS pillow


Our Next Valentine’s Day pillow is this cute I HEART YOU pillow from Target! 
I HEART YOU pillow

Soft Lips Throw Pillow

Next is this pretty soft lips throw pillow from Amazon! 

If you are done with hearts and XOXO signs, I think this soft lips throw pillow is a great option to add something different!

soft lips throw pillow

To My Husband Pillow

If you have a husband, and want to get a romantic Valentine’s Day pillow for your bed, this To My Husband pillow is such a cute and romantic pillow to place on your bed!

to my husband valentine's day pillow

Fluffy Heart Throw Pillow

This fluffy heart throw pillow is a cute, cozy, and neutral Valentine’s Day pillow to throw on your couch or even on your bed.

This fluffy heart throw pillow also comes in red and pink!

fluffy heart throw pillow

LOVE Throw Pillow

Next on our Valentine’s Day pillows list is this colorful LOVE throw pillow! 

If you are looking for some colorful Valentine’s Day decorations, and want to add some color to your place, this LOVE throw pillow is a great option.
LOVE throw pillow

Valentine’s Day Pillow Cover Set

Next is this traditional Valentine’s Day pillow cover set from Amazon! 

If you are looking for a more traditional, romantic Valentine’s Day pillows set, this Valentine’s Day pillow cover set is a great option to bring in some romantic vibes to your place!

valentine's day pillow cover set

LOVE You More Pillow

Moving on to this pretty LOVE You More pillow from Amazon!

This is a pillow cover, and it will be perfect to decorate your place with for Valentine’s Day this year!
love you more pillow cover

Heart Shaped Pillow

Next is this heart shaped pillow which is honestly one of the cutest Valentine’s Day pillows!

I think this is the perfect Valentine’s Day pillow, not only because it’s super cute and romantic, but it also looks like the perfect pillow to cuddle with, when you have no one to cuddle! 😉

heart shaped pillow

Red Glitters Lips Pillow

Last but not least for today, is this super cute red glitters lips pillow! 

If you are looking for a more glamorous vibe than the regular lips pillow, this red glitters lips pillow is definitely and upgraded, more glamorous looking pillow for Valentine’s Day!

red glitters lips pillow

And that’s it for today! This blog post was all about the best Valentine’s Day pillows for 2022!

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